Small business risk management package

Risk management designed to fit your business

We’ve put all our industry expertise into creating a Risk Management package tailored to meet the needs of small businesses. Developed specifically for companies with two to twenty employees, the package includes:

  • A risk management policy giving built-in protection for drivers and employers and covering the use of either cars and/or vans in connection with the business.
  • Access to our vehicle legislation advice line to let you check legislation or gain general advice at no extra cost.

This package is specially designed to reduce risks on the road for small businesses. After all, a company using vehicles without a suitable policy could face the full force of a legal investigation, determined to find them guilty of causing an illegal death or serious injury.

Protect your business now with a one off cost of £395 (excluding VAT) and an annual Enforcement Liaison Agreement retainer of just £60 a year.

Call us now on 01623 333 023.

Buy Your Policy and Retainer Now! Price: £546.00
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